Selling Your House

Let us accurately price your home so it sells quickly and efficiently. We provide a complimentary evaluation with no obligation to use our services. I am an experienced negotiator I will work hard to get the best price for your home while being realistic about what it is actually worth. Many people lean on sites like Zillow to see how much there home is valued at. Myself and the team at Arbor use a variety of tools to accurately forecast what your home should sell at. Do not rely on old tools for home evaluation let us help you price your home so that it sells.

Kate’s Marketing Strategies

Digital and print advertising

We offer a full streamlined approach to marketing the sell of your home. We are well versed on all of the latest advertising technology including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. We also work internally with our marketing team at Arbor Real Estate to come up with a personalized marketing strategy for the sale of your home. I am a firm believer in open houses when they are convenient for you. We also the support the sale of your home with advertising in local print media as well.

Professional Home Staging

We work with a team of professional designers that if needed can reduce teh time it takes to sale your home and drive a larger sale. Staging you home can also boost your homes presence on social media. Ask me about my complimentary home staging!

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Help with probate Sales

Kate Tommey can help you navigate the sell of a home. We know this can be an emotional time for your family and we can work with you to make this an easy process. We work with companies that specialize in holding estate sales.  if needed and can recommend attorneys to deal with any legal matters.